About me

Benjamin Hagberg

Voice actor

  • Voice character: Warm, energetic, confidence-inspiring.

Peo Drangert, Voicemachine:
Benjamin doesn’t just sound nice! He is also an excellent reader and easy to work with!

The voice plays a key role in getting your message across. As a narrator, I work to convey and embody that message.

Who am I? A reliable narrator with more than a decade of professional experience in narration jobs for commercials, corporate films, e-learning, audio books, speech synthesis, IVR and dubbing. There have been about a thousand jobs so far and I regularly do voice work from my home studio. I work with many different voice over companies, both in Sweden and abroad, and have good credentials and references from many in the industry.

I trained as an actor at Kulturama’s vocational theater program, classical orientation, between 2006-2008. Then I studied rhetoric, voice, communication, drama and pedagogy at Stockholm University and Södertörn University. Between 2009-2011 I took many different courses in these subjects at Stockholm University and between 2012-2014 I attended the rhetoric consulting program at Södertörn University.

My voice qualities? Warm and friendly with very good diction and some authority. He also tends to have a lot of energy in his voice and to be able to have both a lower authoritative tone and a more youthful lighter tone. Over the years, I have often been hired for assignments where pronunciation and diction have been of utmost importance, in the form of training modules in the Swedish language for people with reading and writing difficulties and training in Swedish at SFI.

I’m used to taking direction and I appreciate sorted feedback from customers and producers. Satisfied and returning customers are my goal, and I always read until customers are satisfied and deliver what they want, in terms of design and feel, as well as tone and credibility.

Since 2014 I have been running my own business and invoicing for work. See my price list here. If you would like a sample of a potential narration job that you think would suit me, I would be happy to record a free demo.

Delivery: Usually 24-48 hours. I can deliver quickly, often on the same day for shorter scripts, and I am flexible when it comes to reshoots and additions. For longer recordings, such as long e-learning modules, I usually agree with the client or producer on the delivery date of the recording.

I deliver script changes of 1-2 sentences of the original script at no extra cost. There is an additional cost of 400sek per batch of changes.

My mother tongue is Swedish, but I also do readings in English with a Swedish accent. Check out my English voice jobs among my work samples.


My post-secondary studies have included theater, rhetoric, drama, voice and singing/performance at Kulturama, Stockholm University and Växjö University. I have taken private lessons with private voice and speech teachers, including Lisbeth Gemzell at Röst och Rytm, and with singing and speech teachers at SMI (Stockholm Music Education Institute). I graduated from Kulturama in 2008 and worked for some time in theater and film. In 2012 I got my first voice job and eventually started working on it part-time. In 2012, I entered the rhetoric consultant program at Södertörn, a three-year program that trains you in rhetoric and communication and where you can work in the future, for example, with advice on communication and language issues, as a trainer in written and oral presentation or as a speechwriter, editor, investigator or informant. Since 2014 I have been running my own business as a reader and since 2018 it is my full-time job.