Prices (All prices are in Swedish kronor on invoice excluding VAT). Package rates can be arranged on request.

E-learning – training videos/audio guides

Per minute: 100sec

Minimum price (up to 5 minutes): 1000sek

Example minimum: 5 min = 1000 sec
Example: 30 minutes of pre-edited e-learning = 100×30 = 3000 sec.

Internal presentation videos for companies/organizations/authorities etc. (not on public Youtube/Vimeo channel, but private video channel is ok).

Minimum (up to 5 minutes): 1000 sec.

Then 100 sec/min, so for example a 10 min internal presentation video = 1500 sec.

IVR (telephone, on-hold messaging):

Mnimum 650sec for up to 100 words. 101 – 500 words 1200sec, 501-1000 words 2000sec

Explainer Video/Business Video for Youtube/Vimeo/social media, website, non-paid marketing:

Up to 2 minutes: 1500 sec
Over 2 min up to 5 min: 2500sec
5-10 min: 3500sec

Over 10 minutes: ask for price
Reduction: + 50% of the price

Audio book reading:

1800sek/finished hour


Internet paid pre-rolls /Youtube ad (1 long + 2 shortened versions)
1 year: 8000sek
2 years: 15.000sek

Internet + TV (1 year multiple versions): 12.000sek
2 years (when ordering directly): 18.000sek
3 years (when ordering directly): 25.000sek

TV station – Show Trailer (Program trailers):
Up to 5 short scripts/round: 6000sek
6-10 short scripts/round: 12.000sek
Over 10 short scripts/round: by agreement

Radio and TV, 20s and 30s (max 1 year buyout):
Radio local 20 or 30s :1000sec, 1500sec
Radio National 20s: 4500sec
Radio National 30s: 5500sec
TV local: 2500sec
TV National/Cable 20s: 6500sec
TV National/Cable 30s: 8000sec

TV program presentation (Max 1 year buyout) (“The program is presented by…”) : 3500sek

Bio (6 months)

Internet Pre-rolls, TV National, Radio National (1 year buyout): 30.000sek
All Media ( Radio, TV, Bio, Internet pre-roll ads): 60.000sek
+ 1 year buyout (75% of the total) + 2 years buyout (50% of the total).